Employee Discipline and Appeals

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Employee Discipline and Appeals Process

1. Purpose and scope
The organization’s aim is to encourage improvement in individual conduct or performance. This procedure sets out the action that will be taken when disciplinary rules are breached.

2. Principles
a) The procedure is designed to establish the facts quickly and to deal consistently with disciplinary issues. No disciplinary action will be taken until the matter has been fully investigated.
b) At every stage, employees will have the opportunity to state their case and be represented or accompanied, if they wish, by a work colleague.
c) An employee has the right to appeal against any disciplinary penalty.

3. The Procedure
Stage one - first warning
If conduct or performance is unsatisfactory, the employee will be given a written warning or performance note. Such warnings will be recorded, but disregarded after ... months of satisfactory service. The employee will also be informed that a final written warning may be considered if there is no sustained satisfactory improvement or change. (Where the first offence is sufficiently serious, for example because it is having, or is likely to have, a serious harmful effect on the organization, it may be justifiable to move directly to a final written warning.)

Stage two - final written warning

If the offence is serious, or there is no improvement in standards, or if a further offence of a similar kind occurs, a final written warning will be given which will include the reason for the warning and a note that if no improvement results within ... months, action at Stage 3 will be taken.

Stage three - dismissal or action short of dismissal
If the conduct or performance has failed to improve, the employee may suffer demotion, disciplinary transfer, loss or seniority (as allowed in the contract) or dismissal.

Statutory discipline and dismissal…...

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